Ve Fuel Pump 0445010200 & Ve Fuel Pump BHF4PW105007

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Ve Fuel Pump 0445010200 Ve Fuel Pump BHF4PW105007 Ve Fuel Pump C3960902 Ve Fuel Pump ER140/502-NJ Ve Fuel Pump JX493ZQ4A-53 Ve Fuel Pump NJ-VE4/10E2000R059 Wha/tsa/pp:+86/133/8690/ 1236 e-m-a-il eric at china-lutong dot net ELI This is Eric from China Lutong Parts factory.China Lutong Fuel Systems business enables engines to meet increasing emissions requirements while maximizing fuel economy and performance.High-quality Material: The fuel injector is made of high-quality material, durable, 100% tested and exactly match the internal coil resistance and pressure、leak tested, spray/flow tested, longer service life before leaving the factory. Effective Function: The fuel injector is an important part that injects fuel into the engine for combustion. After the fuel injector is used for a long time, fuel impurities will gradually accumulate, making the fuel sprayed by the fuel injector burn insufficiently, thereby reducing the power of the engine and increasing fuel consumption

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