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head rotor price 1hz--head rotor price 14mm head rotor sale 4ja1 head rotor sale zexel head rotor price zexel CZE sandy DY sandy at china-lutong w-h-a-t/s-a-p-/-p:0-0/8-6/1-3-6-6/6-9-3-8-/2-7-5 high quality Material: Made of quality stainless steel, durable and resistant to damage. 100% test before leaving the factory, using sealed packaging to ensure product safety and stability. Using vacuum hardening technology, the product quality is robust, standard size, easy to install and adjust. Reduce co2 emissions, reduce noise, improve fuel economy, better reliability and stability. Fast delivery within 3-5 days if stock available. China Lutong has its own aftermarket brand called DIZZO , with more than 10000 variety of nozzle available in stock and capable of manufacturing based on customer's requirement. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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China-lutong Sandy

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