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fit for Head rotor lsuzu 6BD1T for Head rotor lsuzu 6BG1 for Head rotor lsuzu 4BD1 for Head rotor lsuzu 4BG1 CZE-sandy Wha/ts/A/pp:008613666938275 E/ma/il:sandy at china-lutong dot net China-Lutong is a manufacturer who is specialized and professional in diesel fuel injection spare parts for nearly 30 years since 1982. Due to our high quality complete aftermarket system and keep on research & development our technology to adapt new trend and tide, China-Lutong has become a leader in the production and commercialization of Diesel Engine Parts & Accessories for Automotive, Marine & Diesel Industrial. China Lutong serves some of largest automotive markets such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Gulf States ,Pakistan ,south America, Europe, and Africa etc..

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China-lutong Sandy

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