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fit for Head rotor isuzu 4HE1 for Head rotor isuzu 4HF1 for Head rotor isuzu 4JA1 for Head rotor isuzu 4JH1 Engine Main Characteristics: CZE sandy DY sandy at china-lutong w-h-a-t/s-a-p-/-p:0-0/8-6/1-3-6-6/6-9-3-8-/2-7-5 1. Compact in structure, nice in appearance, lighter in weight, smaller in size. 2. Adopt special small size direct injection combustion system, lower fuel consumption, higher output. 3. Low noise, low vibration, smooth running, reliable performance. 4. Adopt hand recoil start method to make the engines easy to start. Engine Main Uses: These diesel engines are perfect power for small tractors, mini-tillage machinery, farm vehicles, three wheeled automobiles, water pumps, small generators, small boats, engineering machinery, drainage and agricultural products and by products procession equipments (such as threshers and fodder grinders etc).

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China-lutong Sandy

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