rotor head l300 for Volkswagen Head rotor

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rotor head l300 for Volkswagen Head rotor China lutong parts plant: Injector brand: As your request Packaging Details: 1 piece/box Delivery action:Within 1-3 days after your payment Shipment:By air EMS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.for small orders; By sea for large quantity orders. Courier delivery time:Based on detail shipping conditions roughly 10-15days ConditionsGenuine New/ Aftermarket/ Reconditioned Package:Natural packing, Standard packing #how to install head rotor ?# Positioning Heads On A Slope: Special considerations should be made if the placement of a head is on a sloped area. Make sure to tilt the head perpendicular to the slope, unless the slope is greater than a 3:1 ratio (rise:run). Gravity causes the water being sprayed on a slope to be distributed unevenly. Pulling the throw a further distance downhill and throwing less of a distance uphill. shary AT Wh/at/sa/pp: +8/6/1/3/3/8/6/9/0/1/1/9/3 N-O-I #for Nanjing 215 diesel Pump Rotor Head # #for Nanjing 224 diesel Pump Rotor Head #Nanjing 225 diesel Pump Rotor Head # #Nanjing 400 diesel Pump Rotor Head # #Nanjing 661 diesel Pump Rotor Head # #Nanjing 662 diesel Pump Rotor Head # #Nanjing 666 diesel Pump Rotor Head #

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