Nanjing 225 diesel Pump Rotor Head and K103 diesel Pump Rotor Head

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Nanjing 225 diesel Pump Rotor Head and K103 diesel Pump Rotor Head China lutong parts plant: Injector brand: As your request Packaging Details: 1 piece/box Delivery action:Within 1-3 days after your payment Shipment:By air EMS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.for small orders; By sea for large quantity orders. Courier delivery time:Based on detail shipping conditions roughly 10-15days ConditionsGenuine New/ Aftermarket/ Reconditioned Package:Natural packing, Standard packing #how to install head rotor ?# Positioning Heads On A Slope: Special considerations should be made if the placement of a head is on a sloped area. Make sure to tilt the head perpendicular to the slope, unless the slope is greater than a 3:1 ratio (rise:run). Gravity causes the water being sprayed on a slope to be distributed unevenly. Pulling the throw a further distance downhill and throwing less of a distance uphill. shary AT Wh/at/sa/pp: +8/6/1/3/3/8/6/9/0/1/1/9/3 N-O-I K103 diesel Pump Rotor Head K301 diesel Pump Rotor Head K308 diesel Pump Rotor Head K309 diesel Pump Rotor Head K313 diesel Pump Rotor Head For Lucas head rotor injection pump price

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