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diesel Pump Rotor Head 1 468 334 012 Item Name(EH) #injector valve set diesel engine injector valve F00RJ01159# China-Lutong is now one of the specialist Fuel Injection System suppliers and manufacturers. Our aim and business policy is to give the customer a reliable quality product and service, alternative to the OE products. The parts are quality assured to ISO9001: 2015 and are subject to regular internal and external audits ensuring that quality is the highest standard. We are stockiest and also represent Chinese leading manufacturers including of: Fuel injection pumps parts u Diesel Injectors, Diesel nozzles u VE Pumps, VE injection Pumps u Head Rotor, Distributor head u Diesel Plunger, Diesel Elements u Delivery Valve u Common Rail Nozzle, common rail control valve u Feed Pump u Repair kits u Solenoid Valve Wha/tsa/pp:+86133/8690/1375 nicole(at)china-lutong (dot) net nicole@china-lutong.net

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